PA Puppy Mill Shut Down For Good!!!!

The Almost Heaven puppy mill located in Lehigh County, PA was raided today by The Humane Society of the United States and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (The Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement) who removed nearly 300 dogs.

This raid shuts down this place for good.

Here is a link about a previous raid on this same puppy mill:

Hopefully, more of the Almost Hell puppy mills in PA and elsewhere will soon be shut down for good too.

But the best way to put an end to puppy mills is to STOP buying puppy mill puppies which are sold in pet stores and over the internet. Remember - reputable breeders DO NOT sell their puppies to middle-men, internet brokers and pet stores.


Kyla Duffy said...

Thank you for your work in exposing the truth about puppy mills. I’ve had my eyes open for about two years now, since we began fostering Boston Terriers, and I can’t believe that puppy mills are so prolific in a country like the United States. Clearly we still have a long way to go.

I’m trying to do my part to raise awareness about puppy mills and to support dog rescue groups by publishing breed-specific books full of stories about adopted dogs. My hope is that the books will give proud owners of adopted dogs a chance to showcase them, raise awareness about dog adoption and breed characteristics and generate funding for dog rescue through the donation of a portion of each sale. The first book, “Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspirational Stories of Adopted Boston Terriers” is available for pre-sale at http://happytailsbooks.com and on Amazon.com.

The next three books will be about Golden Retrievers, Labs and Chihuahuas. We are currently collecting stories for all of our books and would love to hear from anyone who has a great story about their adopted dog!

Thank you,

Bill Wiley said...

Would it be possible to use one of the pictures on your web site in my blog? It's a story about how I, uh, rescued an abused chained up dog and found a great new home for her where she thrived. Specifically, I'd like to use the "Mama Dog chained up for 13 years photo, because it's very similar to the way the dog I helped used to live. If you need anymore information, please contact me. Thanks.