Wind-tossed Chihuahua found safe; owners credit psychic

Waterford Township -- Two days after Tinker Bell, a six-pound chihuahua, blew away in high winds at the Dixieland Flea Market, her owners found her safe and sound about three-quarters of a mile away. The Rochester couple credits a pet psychic for the discovery.

"We were shocked when we found her," said Dorothy Utley, 72, Tinker Bell's mother. "You don't know how happy we were. We love her so much."

More than 50 volunteers helped Utley and her husband, Lavern, search for their dog, who blew away in 70 mph per hour winds Saturday.
After speaking with a pet psychic from Holly, Utley said she and her husband headed to a wooded field on the opposite side of Dixie Highway. There, they found Tinker Bell. The black and brown long-haired dog was very dirty and hungry.

"That dog was so happy," Utley said. "She just went wild. She was so hungry and we had to bathe her."

Market Manager Joe Goldberg said the whole event was phenomenal. "It seems like (the dog) is her whole life," he said of Utley.

Candice Williams and Christine Ferretti / The Detroit News
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Remy said...

Is this a joke? This must be a joke because it made me laugh so hard. A dog blew away at a flea market but everything else didn't blow away? And a psychic found the dog? Come on. How about this headline: "Dog wanders off, owners conned by psychic, dog is found later no thanks to the psychic, crazy people invent story."

No Animal Left Behind said...

I posted this not because of the pet psychic part but because the dog was blown away and then found and reunited. Reuniting pets with their people is always what's most important to me.

As Jay Leno said a few nights later, the pet psychic pointed in the direction the wind blew and there was the dog! That got some laughs.

I can't comment on that particular pet psychic, but following Katrina, I worked with several animal communicators who sometimes (not always) "located" missing pets with amazing accuracy in areas they had never seen or been to.

And as with anything outside of our five senses, we all choose for ourselves what to believe about animal communication, prayer, energy work, etc.