Finally, an affordable alternative to Heartguard

A few months ago, while out of town with my three dogs, and because I forgot to pack the Heartguard, I learned about Iverhart, the new GENERIC version of Heartguard. I wrangled the three into the local Banfield (more about that place later) for Heartworm- Lyme tests in order to get some Heartguard.

The vet
begrudgingly wrote out three prescriptions so I could purchase the meds elsewhere.

I took the scripts to a convenient and reputable vet hospital where the receptionist told me about Iverhart - the new cheaper-but-equally-effective generic of Heartguard.

(apparently when the patent on Heartguard recently expired, Verbac Animal Health was ready to market their product at a lower cost).

In addition to the lower sticker price, Iverhart is currently offering a $3-$5 rebate coupon on their website.

As with Heartguard and other similar products, Iverhart must be purchased from a vet or other official supplier in order for the warranty to be effective. If purchased from an on-line vet med discounter, the warranty will not cover treatment.

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