Memorial Service TOMORROW in memory of 33 dogs killed in St. Bernard Parish

There will be a memorial service and a laying of wreaths and flowers outside P.T. Beauregard Middle School at 2:00 Wednesday, January 30th. The school is located at 1201 Bayou Road in St. in St. Bernard.

If you can attend, please be there by 2:00. If you can't attend but would like to order flowers or a wreath to be placed at the school, or contribute to one of the wreaths, please email me (noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com) and include your phone number. I'll call and put you in touch with the florist and make sure that your flowers are included in the delivery tomorrow.

The informal ceremony, open to everyone, is to remember the 33 dogs that were killed by St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Deputies in September 2005. Additionally, Minton and others shot and killed an untold number of dogs outside running loose; some of the owners who were forced to evacuate without their pets decided to give their dogs a better chance on their own outside than inside their flooded homes or the schools.

The trial was set to begin today but charges were dropped last week by the new Attorney General due to "lack of evidence." I guess in Louisiana, video footage of (former) Deputy Minton shooting dogs off the back of a pickup truck as well as his confession don't count as evidence. I guess neither does the testimony of the National Guardsmen at the school or the owners of some of the dogs who overheard them saying that they were going to kill the dogs as soon as they left.

I have no doubt there is a very special place in hell for them.


Anonymous said...

This memorial was a disgrace. You as well as the rest of this country have no idea who killed those dogs. To put blame on an entire department for the deaths of these animals is disgusting and you should be ashamed. This memorial is nothing more than a media outlet to get yourselves on television. There is no evidence that deputies killed these animals. The video did not show Minton shooting these animals - and just because someone "heard" someone say something about target practice in no way says that someone is guilty of actually doing it. People say I'm going to kill you all the time - does it happen every time someone says that. I don't think so. By the way - if any of you really cared about animals the way you claim to, you wouldn't be wasting your money on flowers that will be dead in a week. You would donate to animal shelters or something of that sort where your money could actually be put to use.

Anonymous said...

Hell is too good for Minton and the other monsters. I have no doubt that they will get their "just reward" someday.

No Animal Left Behind said...

1. Disgrace? Not what I heard. My friends told me it was beautiful, meaningful and very important.
2. Wrong. It IS known who killed the dogs. The “blame” was on the individuals accused.
3. Wrong again. Personally, I was over 1000 miles away during the memorial and still am. The media was notified of the memorial only after it gained the unexpected momentum and support it did.
4. Ditto #2
5. I guess you didn’t see the same video the rest of us saw of Minton shooting dogs off the back of the pickup truck.
6. What people say this? I’ve never once in my life said to anyone “I'm going to kill you.” Never even thought it. I guess we come from very different worlds. Perhaps you come from the same one as the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Dept.?
7. Yea, none of us really care about animals. . . none of us who spent countless days and weeks in the flooded, moldy, ravaged Gulf Coast rescuing and caring for the thousands of animals left behind or those of us who provided remote assistance by coordinating rescues and facilitating reunions. I’ll spend and donate my money any way I choose, thank you. I’m sure others feel the same.
8.'I give many hours a month of time to a local animal shelter in addition to donating $$ to animal welfare organizations. I know that most of those involved with the memorial also give their time and money to help animals, including the owner of three of the dead dogs. Additionally, I (as well as hundreds of others) “donated” an enormous amount of my time helping get Katrina pets rescued and reunited – time that is valued at many tens of thousands of dollars, or collectively valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars. So if I want to spend a relatively small amount of money on flowers to memorialize the dogs that were murdered, some owned by people who are now my friends, I will, thank you very much.

By the way, if you care to share further comments here, why not have the courage to sign your name and not hide behind anonymity? If you believe what you write why be afraid to own your words and opinions? The pen is, and has always been, more powerful than the sword.

sandy99 said...

"There is no evidence that deputies killed these animals" -- apart from Minton admitting he did on tape and eye witnesses? What planet does poster 6:21 pm come from? Or did they have their eyes closed cuz they were too scared to watch the video?

Anonymous said...

I SAW the evidence .... and was traumatized by it. I saw Minton's face, heard his words, saw his actions, none of the "heroes" standing beside him spoke out against him or tried to stop him. They even called one dog over to the truck. He was wagging his tail. They shot him. Interesting how their vehicle picked up speed and they ran off when they saw the cameras (if they didn't have guilty consciences, why run?). It was like some sort of sick "sporting" activity.

Some of the things done to the animals was vile beyond belief - savagery, unspeakable cruelty. Despite the owners written pleas for mercy "Grey dog Suzy is pregnant." "Nice dog, her name is Angel, DONT SHOOT HER" even a senior citizen's tiny little fluffy poodle ... found no mercy at the hands of these so called men. The owners of these pets HEARD uniformed officers discuss "the FUN they were going to have later". I saw photos of that "fun" and it made me fearful for every person in that community. These subhumans are STILL living amongst them. Who knows what evils they still give in to. I doubt that it has stopped.

Even if you dont care about animals, these thugs masquerading as peace officers victimized their own towns people, the very ones they were sworn to protect and serve. The ones who did not participate in the savagery, covered it up and that makes them co-conspirators. They have ALL disgraced themselves, their uniforms, betrayed their community. There is not one hero in that department, no-one spoke up for the pet owners, no-one even cared enough to protect these citizens "property", and none of them have been honorable enough to cross the thin blue line. For shame! I challenge even one of you to find your cajones and come forward with information!

For a parish named after the most internationally recognizable symbol of mercy - the St Bernard dog - they now have a reputation for a lack of compassion that has been reported in the international press.
Any person in that area calling for emergency assistance might inadvertently be summoning the very persons who did these horrific deeds. This is umacceptable.
There is no defence for those who victimize, the weak, the vulnerable, and the innocent.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that it was meaningful to some people. What I mean is that there were people there that were there for the wrong reasons and for that they should be ashamed. I am in no way opposed to a memorial to these pets but I am outraged when people use things like this to accuse others of things they didn't do. As far as the blame goes... you stated that 33 dogs were killed by deputies - it hasn't been and probably will not be proved that 33 pets were killed by deputies. I know the number probably includes the animals that were killed at the school which no one can even place Minton at. As far as the "I'm going to kill you" comment - you obviously didn't take that the way I meant it. I meant that people say it in a joking matter all the time such as when they are embarrassed or surprised by someone but they don't really mean it. I didn't claim that you don't care about animals and I don't oppose sending flowers to a memorial - I was just a little taken back that there was no mention of donation to shelters all that was mentioned was sending flowers. I am absolutely greatful for everything that was done after the storm by everyone as well as help that is still being given. Please don't think that I don't appreciate it because I do. My problem is not necessarily with the memorial itself but with the fact that everyone keeps reiterating who did the shootings when there is no proof. If you want to memorialize the pets that's fine but that's what it should be - a memorial to remember the animals. Not a pow wow to gather and talk about the people that you think did it. My problem is that our parish has gotten an awful reputation because of this storm for ridiculous reasons. We don't need the added problem of people around the country thinking that our deputies are a joke because of what they heard happened. I know Minton did things he shouldn't have and for that he should be punished but because he was showed shooting one or two dogs don't accuse him of killing 33. Maybe my first comment was a little to blunt. I did not intend to offend anyone I just get very annoyed when blame is placed but not warranted. Please know that the comment was strictly a comment on the article and not on the organization or the good deeds y'all have done.

P.S. The reason these are anonymous is because I am not familiar with submitting comments here and I have no user name. It's not an issue of being afraid to say my name. I don't feel that you knowing my name would make much of a difference anyway.

sandy99 said...

I think that if the parish is seen as a joke, and all of the police have been smeared with the same brush, all it takes is for the man in power, Jack Stevens, to exercise a little leadership and clear this up. Not just for the animals, but for the sake of the conscientious officers and staff in his force.He must know who was at the schools or have the means to find out. He could also send a message by not re-hiring Minton. That would send a message loud and clear that such barbarism is not what SBP is all about. It isn't fair to shoot the messenger (metaphorically speaking), when the problem originates from within.

The amount spent on flowers at this small memorial pales in comparison to how much money many of us (including outsiders) have donated to Louisiana shelters and rescue agencies (human and animal) in Katrina's wake and to this very day.

Allow us this small indulgence of a few beautiful flowers for a simple memorial.