Booth's Corner Pets Supports PUPPY MILLS Please Read!!






These cute and overpriced puppies come from Lancaster County, PA PUPPY MILLS.

Some of them will become sick and die before they are a year old or cost their owners hundreds or thousands in vet bills.
Even though they are sold with a "one year health guarantee" does not mean that Booth’s Corner Pets will reimburse for medical bills. They will only give you another puppy. Maybe. Sort of like a muffler shop guarantee. Lots of fine print.

But the mentality behind replacing a puppy with another one only reinforces the idea that dogs and puppies are disposable.

These puppies come with "papers" from bogus organizations called CKC (Continental Kennel Club) and ACA (American Canine Association) that exist only to manipulate the average uneducated and impulsive puppy-buyer who knows that "purebred" dogs come with papers from “something with three letters (AKC).”

The dogs and puppies of legitimate and responsible breeders are registered with the AKC and only the AKC.
ACA and CKC are nothing more than worthless registrars for puppy mill dogs and backyard breeders.

If you buy a puppy from Booth’s Corner Pets or any other pet store you are supporting extreme animal cruelty, torture and the slow & painful death of the parents of these puppies.

Responsible breeders DO NOT sell or consign their puppies to pet stores nor do they sell them through brokers or online puppy sites.

Responsible breeders care a great deal about where their puppies go and many will also offer to take back the puppy at any time if the owner is no longer able to care for it.

Responsible breeders are often involved in their breed rescue organization and can direct you to older puppies or adult dogs that are available for adoption if you want a certain breed but not necessarily a young puppy.

Responsible breeders will often require those who purchase puppies to sign agreements that they will have the puppy spayed or neutered within the first year.

Responsible breeders usually breed one or maybe two breeds of dogs and they do it for the love of the breed.

A breeder that claims to get you anything you want or breeds everything and anything that's in demand: Yorkies, Poodles, Yorki-Poos, Shih Tzu, Shih-Poos, Lhasa Apsos, Maltese, Bichons, Chihuahuas, Chi-Chons, Pekingese, Golden Retrievers, Pugs, Beagles, Puggles, etc. are in it for THE MONEY and only THE MONEY.

Responsible breeders consider their adult dogs to be part of their families.

For links to responsible breeders, go to the AKC website.

The AKC is not perfect and I’ve never been a big fan (though I love watching the big dog shows on TV).
But in response to the increasing awareness about Puppy Mills and also to receiving their own criticism, the AKC now inspects any breeder who tries to register a high number of litters a year – usually more than seven is a red flag.


Anonymous said...

I "inherited" a puppy from this shop. I just pray to god he remains healthy. He's the best dog I have ever had so please keep your finger crossed for him. They should just close all pets shops. Period!!

Anonymous said...

Let me preface this by saying I'm not trying to be a pain in the butt nor am I troll looking to stir something up. I have a sincere question. Where can a first time dog owner that lives in an apartment that only permits small dogs go to get a dog other than a pet shop?

Here's my story. My fiance (boyfriend at the time) and I both grew up with dogs, love everything that a dog brings to the family, and completely felt like we were missing out on that special relationship that a dog has with it's people.

So, when I began writing my thesis and I was spending a lot of time at home doing this, we knew this was the perfect time to adopt a dog. I could be with my dog all day. I am not a fan of kennel training so I wanted to be sure I could be home to walk the dog a lot and give it all the attention it needed to adjust happily to it's new living situation.

We visited our local shelter, but they had no small dogs, only medium to large dogs. We would happily have a large dog, we both grew up with lab/pitt bull mixes from shelters. Unfortunately, our building has restrictions, 20 lbs max for a dog. I don't get this rule at all. Any dog can be destructive if bored and left alone all day even a 20 lb pup, but for some reason other people don't see it this way.

So I expanded my search to shelters outside my area, and largely had the same results. There were a few larger shelters that had some smaller dogs, but I was told by them that they do not adopt to 1st time dog owners.

I started calling/emailing rescue organizations. Many never got back to me, even just to say they had no dogs for us now. The one's that did respond again told me that they do not adopt 1st timers. I explained that our families have had dogs our whole lives. This wasn't sufficient as we were technically 1st time owners.

I hate to admit it, but I even began lying and saying I had previously had a dog. They were one step ahead and wanted vet records and references.

One day, while visiting some friends in Queens, we stopped in a pet shop. We both knew better. We wanted a dog so badly but we knew where these dogs likely came from. But we went into that shop anyway. They had all kinds of "designer dogs" so the whole place just screamed puppy mill to me.

In the back, I saw this scruffy little pup that was coughing and looked to be in awful shape. I'm a total softie and went over to her right away. They told me she was sick and not for sale, but I just couldn't leave her there. We all know money talks, so I walked out with Angie and headed over to the nearest vet.

Now, I know I basically just gave these people money for treating a dog horribly. But had I been able to get a dog from a shelter or rescue group I would've never set foot in that store.

It's been two years now and my Angie is the greatest dog in the world and my best buddy. I know if I want to get another dog to add to our family it will be easier(we're buying our own place soon, so no size restrictions). But, what is a first time dog owner that is limited in what breeds/sizes they can have to do? Where should they look and who should they call? I really tried to adopt, but got nowhere. I'd like nothing better than to be able to direct others to the right places, but I just don't know where they are.


No Animal Left Behind said...

Dear A,

Thank you so much for your excellent comment. Unfortunately, your experience mirrors that of many other very good people looking to adopt dogs from shelters or rescue groups. Sadly, some of the same people who work or volunteer at these shelters/rescues are the same ones making the most noise about puppy mills.
You can't believe how many times I've heard stories identical to yours. I appreciate greatly that you shared yours.

It is unreasonable and short-sited that shelters and rescues refused to adopt to you as a "first timer" and unprofessional and inexcusable that some rescues never even got back to you. This happens a lot and I don’t know why but do have some theories.

You did all the right things to try to adopt a dog before buying one from a pet store but I’ll offer two other suggestions:

1. Look for a dog on Craigslist or Petfinder classifieds. I once found a dog on Craigslist that someone needed to re-home due to a divorce and a move into an apartment and I know of many others who have. With Craigslist or Petfinder, you have to be a bit patient and also be prepared for spam and email scams which can be managed if you set up a new email account just for this. I wrote up suggestions for using Craigslist and Petfinder to re-home or find a pet which I’ll dig out from the catacombs of my computer.

2. Do some research and buy a puppy from an excellent, reputable breeder. I know that most people in rescue will disagree with me on this (which is fine) and some will want to flame me (which is not fine) but there are very good breeders who screen the people wanting to buy their puppies as carefully as a rescue organization will screen. I do feel strongly that people who buy puppies from breeders have them spay/neutered and not decide to become breeders themselves.

One of the many reasons why it's just plain wrong for shelters/ rescues to refuse to adopt to "first timers" is because first-timers is the population most likely to buy from a puppy mill, and any shelter/rescue should want to bend over backward. Most shelters and rescues miss this great opportunity they are given every day to assist and educate people in finding the right pet, and providing the follow-up and support for first-time dog owners to ensure successful adoptions for the life of the pet.

No Animal Left Behind said...


A friend and I are working on an article that addresses some of the concerns you raised. Would you email me at noanimalleftbehind @ gmail dot com so I can talk to you and possibly interview you for the article (if you're interested).


Anonymous said...

I have a similar story to Anonymous and was a first time pet owner unable to find a rescue dog that would fit my needs. I also needed a small dog, but I have allergies and was told that the dogs with hair would be better for me.

I actually got my dog 2 years ago from Booth's Corner. At the time I didn't know enough about Puppy Mills and was duped into thinking this place was different since I got my "1 year guarentee" and my "papers".

I was very fortunate and my dog is wonderful and in great health, but I have learned my lesson and will never go back to a pet store for any reason.

My question is the fact that the breed that I ended up getting (a Lhasapoo) I have not been able to find at sheleters or rescues. I am considering getting another dog as company for my dog and would like the same breed. Where can I find a reputable breeder and one that is in my area?

No Animal Left Behind said...

Anonymous with the Lhasapoo:

Please email me at noanimalleftbehind at gmail dot com.

As the owner of two much-adored, adopted Lhasa Apsos (in photo above), I am very familiar with REPUTABLE Lhasa breeders as well as Lhasa rescues and also shelters that get surrendered Lhasa's and Lhasa mixes. If you don't live in this tri-state area, I have friends and contacts around the country that I can put you in touch with. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I understand that there are many many pupply mills out there and pet stores that support them but please get the facts straight before you accuse someone. I have gotten a puppy from there and know many people that have and they are great and healthy puppies. And Booths Corner Pets stands behind both their warrenties and their one year warrenty covers medical bills and will not just "exchange for another dog". If you have any doubts about these facts go and talk to the manager because he is very willing to explain all of this to you just as he was to me. I was very skeptical in the beginning but found this to be a wonderful place with great dogs!

No Animal Left Behind said...

Dear Anonymnous:

I am very happy that the puppy you bought from Booth's Corner is healthy.

I also know people who have bought puppies from there that seem to be healthy. And I'm not disputing that they offer one-year health warranties.

However, your comments do not deal with the real issue - that the puppies sold at Booth's Corner Pets come from Puppy Mills.

I looked over the "paperwork" on file on their puppies the day I took some of these photos, posing as a potential customer. I did this before I posted anything about them on my blog because I do always check and verify facts before I post something.



Sandra B. said...

And the AKC lobbies tooth and nail, along with the NRA (if you regulate against breedin' our huntin' dogs, that's one step closer to bannin' huntin' don't ya know), against legislation to clamp down on puppy mills. You're right, the AKC are far from perfect. It's all about the $$ for them.

Anonymous said...

I also realize that many pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills, however, i know for a fact that booths corner pets does not. I too was very skeptical and judgemental about pet stores, as i had had bad experiences in the past, however, one time i went in to booths corner and saw an absolutely adorable puppy that i so badly wanted, but i didn't want to support any puppy mills. I went to the owner of the store and voiced my concerns. He assured me that all of booths corners puppys come from very reputable breeders recomended by dog wardens of PA. The owner and his family take their puppies back to their house everyday and are very well taken care of. So the puppies are only at the pet store fridays and saturdays during the day, at night and during the week they are with the owner and his family. The dogs are always with the owner!! I am now a big fan of booths corner pets and a regular customer, and i recommend this store for anyone looking for a puppy. and i also recommend that anyone who has concerns to talk to the owner, he was very patient and percise and honest with me:)please be more considerate and not as judgemental of just any pet store before personally talking to the owner, you can't know all the facts by simply observing. thank you, and thank you for caring about puppies, we need many people like that to put real puppy mills out of business. But just keep in mind that some pet stores are owned by very honest and caring people. As is the case here.

Anonymous said...

I bought a puppy from here ..The puppy had kennel cough and a urinary tract infection which they had given us antibiotics for.....Well now it is not even a year later & my dog has already gone through 2 surgeries...$1800.00 dollars we have already paid out. And I did call Booths corners & they did not help out with any of the expenses....So for those of you who were refunded let me know the you made that happen...I would not buy another dog from there again...

vickie said...


Anonymous said...

You have no idea what you are talking about you are a complete idiot. I have bought two dogs from Booth's Corner Pets and they have never had any health problems. The owner and his family are wonderful and do not support puppy mills. If you knew them which you must not you would have realized that your entire argument is very wrong.

No Animal Left Behind said...

Dear Anonymous (no surprise):
First, I said “Some of them (these puppies) will become sick and die before they are a year old or cost their owners hundreds or thousands in vet bills.”
For the sake of your two dogs, I’m happy that they don’t have any health problems. But why did you feel it necessary to drive all the way to Boothwyn, PA from Dover, DE to buy two over-priced puppies when the Kent County SPCA has thousands of wonderful dogs available for adoption every year, and have to kill many more thousands that are not adopted because of people who make the same choices you made to support puppy mills and backyard breeders?

Second, knowing or not knowing the owners of this pet store has nothing to do with the statements I made in my blog – which are based on years of research into dog breeding - information which I share with other dog owners and prospective dog owners.

Since you know the owner of Booths Corner Pets so well, please ask him to email me and let me know where all these puppies - purebreds and mutts - come from and I will be happy to publish this info on my blog. I have heard that he owns a female Yorkie which he’s bred many times to create not only more Yorkies, but also Yorkichons, Morkies, Dorkies, etc.

p.s. calling someone an “idiot” in an anonymous post is childish and just bad netiquette but I thank you for your opinion and comment.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if these puppies come from a puppy mill or not but my husband and I did buy a dog from here before we knew anything about it. She is beautiful and wonderful but did have some joint issues that required a $1200 surgery. We talked to the owner about it and he is a very nice guy. He refunded us up to the price that we paid for our dog. He apologized for the situation but explained they are living beings and can't always be perfect. While I would certainly never support puppy mills, I'm not so sure these people get their dogs from a puppy mill. They are taken home with the owners each night and kept at their home during the week. Also, when we first got our dog it didn't get along with the our other one and the owner told us he would take her back no problem if the problems continued. Everything turned out ok but he has always seemed kind to us.

No Animal Left Behind said...


I appreciate your comment and I’m pleased to know that you were reimbursed some of the cost of your dog’s surgery. I’ve heard that the owner of Booth’s Corner Pets is a nice man and I know that the puppies are all taken home each night, which I would expect given that the Booth’s Corner Farmer’s market is open only on Fridays and Saturdays.

But nice man or not, I assume he isn’t breeding all of these dogs himself at his house, so he has to be buying them from someone. As I’ve said dozens of times, reputable breeders DO NOT sell their puppies to be sold in pet stores or through internet broker sites. Reputable breeders do not sell $1000 mutts that can be adopted through animal shelters or rescues for under $200.
Reputable breeders’ dogs are AKC registered (which may or not mean much but that’s another discussion) and they sell them directly. Reputable breeders are careful about who buys their puppies; just because someone can whip out a wad of cash or a credit card does not mean that they will be able to buy one of their puppies. Many reputable breeders have waiting lists for their puppies - important because it lets them know that prospective buyers love and want that particular breed and are not making an impulse purchase just because they saw a cute puppy in a store window.

Booth’s Corner Pets counts on impulse purchases from people walking by and seeing the puppies in the window. To me, that is not responsible. Buying a giant-screen TV as an impulse is one thing; buying a dog that can live up to 18 years as an impulse is another.

Anonymous said...

I have visted Booth's Pets never purchased a puppy but it looks like they really care about the puppies. Not sure why a breeder needs to be AKC before they are reputable breeder? You had said that you would like the owner to tell you where he gets the puppies but you also say that he gets them from puppy mills so what is it??? Do you not like someone making an living? I have a problem with people thinking they know what is going on and then trashing someone on the internet...when you have no idea where the puppies come from. You also said that he has a yorkie that he has bred many times but AKC breeders Breed their dogs many times too don't they???? If they are doing something wrong please post it...Inform people with the truth...I worked on a farm until I was 16 and we had animals get sick if you think that when you buy a dog and it will not get sick your dreaming. My nabor adopted a dog at the SPAC over a two year time they paid Vet bills totaling $2700 should they go after the SPCA? When you buy or adopt an animal it can get sick. Please do not stop writing but tell the truth...TELL THE FACTS or don't write about it...

Anonymous said...

These dogs are DEFINITELY puppy mill dogs... there is no reputable breeder than can produce hundreds of dogs a year! Don't be stupid, people! They are from puppy mills that churn them out left and right. Pennsylvania and especially this area have a HORRIBLE reputation for puppy mills and animals rights. You are supporting greedy people who have no problem getting dogs from cramped facilities that abuse and neglect hundreds of dogs. I've visited them myself. The owner cannot prove he got them from a reputable breeder because he didn't...and I don't care if he is "nice" or not. Anyone can be "nice" or "friendly" while they take your $1,000 and get rich off of puppy mill dogs. Many serial killers are charming, polite sociopaths too! Don't let that fool you.

According to published statistics from the Humane Society, over 99 percent of dogs that come from a pet store are puppy mill dogs and it is HORRIBLE in Pennsylvania.

Please don't support this! These people are EVIL! I don't care how "friendly" or "nice" they seem. They have no morals and are not good people, bottom line. They make a living while animals suffer and are put to death. Read more about the puppy mills and what they do to their animals here:






Anonymous said...

I appreciate what you are trying to do and your desire to see puppies well taken care of and to see pet stores more responsible, because many are not. However, as many people have said you are simply making claims off of observations. I DO NOT want to offend you or make it seem like I am telling you that you are wrong, but I do wish you would talk to the owner yourself! You say that he "seems like a nice man," why don't you get to know him for yourself?
Personally I do not think that his dogs are puppy mill dogs, Anonymous/AJ put it very well, dogs are living creatures which means they WILL get sick. But don't let me tell you that, find out for yourself by talking directly to the owner and asking him very straight-forward and honest questions. I really and truly do respect your obvious efforts to research dog breeding/selling/etc. However, if you are suspicious of where these dogs are coming from, PLEASE go to the owner. I, and many other people it appears, have gone to him with questions and concerns and have found him very open, honest, and informative. He never tries to hide, defend, or twist what he does in his business. He is always willing to give, in great detail, infortmation on where and how he gets his dogs, which he drives to and picks up personally, he never has them flown in or buys them online, stuff like that.
I know you said that the kind of man he is doesn't matter, that where the dogs come from is what is really important, but the man who buys them DOES play a huge role in where they come from and how they're treated, i mean he is the one buying them and taking care of them:)
My purpose in writing this is not to yell at you or call you an idiot, you obviously know a lot about dogs. However, I do wish that if you ar going to so adamantly proclaim BCPS in such a negative light, you have actual proof from the owner to support your claims. So far all I have seen on this website is that you have seen sick dogs come from there, and that reputable breeders never sell puppies to pet stores. Can you prove that? Have you seen every single reputable breeder in Pennsylvania and heard them say they will never sell a dog to a pet store? I'm not trying to be smart by askiing those questions, but I just want to make you aware that you could do a lot of damage to the owner of BCPS through this website, but you haven't even given hard evidence.
I've met reputable breeders who would rather sell a dog to a pet store because many shelters end up putting dogs down that don't sell. This is hard however because many pet stores don't care where their dogs come from and they don't take care of them. But if a breeder finds a pet store owner that they know for a fact will love and care for their puppies as if they were their own pets, that's another story.
The fact that BCPS is a small pet store can actually be a good thing because it is not a large business that "manufactures" dogs. Each puppy gets that much more personal love and care from the owner and his family, and they are able to form much more close and open relationships with their customers.
So please, for your own reassurance at least, talk to the owner! Ask him specifically where his dogs come from and what he does to ensure they are as heatlthy as possible. If you are upset with him or upset with his set up, he wants to know about it! Would't you want to know if someone was mad or suspicious about something you were doing rather than making a website about you behind your back?

Thanks for your concern and efforts to make people aware of the dangers of pet stores, even if it doesn't necessarily apply to this pet store specifically.

Anonymous said...

I bought my Maltese from this shop and he had terrible health problems. He was the cutest Maltese you ever saw with the best personality but he had a degenerative disc disease. He had chronic herniating discs that caused him to go paralyzed. It was so sad. We did one $6K surgery which bought him and extra year of life. But he spent lots of time recovering only to have a disc go again and us having to put him down at age 4 and a half. This was devastating to us. We do not have children and this dog was our family member and my only link to motherhood. I had my heartbroken and which I knew now how terrible this pet shop was. I have no doubt that my dog was a product of a puppy mill. There was no reason for him to have so many problems. Maltese's can be much more healthy. Please help shut down these places. It is so unfair to the dog and so heartbreaking for the family. All that time, energy, money going into caring for a puppy, getting him trained and then not having years to spend with him is not how it's supposed to be. We will always love our dog and feel blessed he was in our life but he deserved a strong body. Please DO NOT get a puppy from a pet store. I'm learning a lot about the breeding process and all the small, cute, popular breeds are at risk of ill breeding and genetic disorders. I'm grateful to find this website and wish I knew this years ago.

Jo Ann said...

Jo Ann said.....
I live in Wilmington, DE and adopted my Beagle from Mt. Holly, NJ (Burlington County Shelter). She was just dumped off and someone found her and took her to this shelter. By the grace of God, I found her on Petfinder and her picture was adorable. I was told she had a few tumors but something told me to go and see her in person.

Well, my girlfriend Marie and I went to NJ and when they brought her out to me, I started crying. She was so sad and in pain. Her two breasts were almost the size of my fists, but for some reason, I just knew I wanted to take her away and give her a “second chance” as no one would want an older dog. I am a "breast cancer survivor” and truly believe she was waiting for me. You see, they only keep the dogs for 15 days and sadly, euthanize them and this day was on the 17th of August. This breaks my heart.

Also, I never take my checkbook with me but for some reason, I placed it in my purse. When it was time to pay for her, the worker told me that they don’t take credit cards…..only cash or check. I truly believe I was destined to have her in my life and that somehow, she was waiting for me.

Well, my Mitzy Marie (named her Marie after my girlfriend) has had two mastectomies’ (2 operations) and her tumors were benign. She was also spayed. My veterinarian told me that if it was cancer, nothing could be done. But my girlfriend told me that she didn’t have cancer and guess what, she was right.

It was an hour drive from Wilmington, DE to Mt. Holly, NJ and I will have had her for 6 years August 17, 2012 and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Isn’t it amazing how things work out for a reason? Miracles do happen and Mitzy Marie is living proof!! I want you to know that it is possible for dogs to have a “second chance” only if people would adopt and save an animal and stop these so-called “puppy mills”.

Mitzy Marie and I pray for all the other dogs to have a “second chance” and my Mitzy Marie is living proof that God wanted her to have a second chance with me.

Jo Ann 3/21/12 Also, dog abusers should never have an animal for a pet. These abusers should be on a computer just like the pedifiles so that all agencies would be aware of them. No dog should ever suffer a horrible neglect and death. May God Bless all animal pets. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I bought my Rottweiler there 5 years ago, he is in great healty. He's had a few problems recently (maybe it's connected?) but I do believe they are puppy mill dogs (did not know that when we bought him.

He was sold to us as 100% Rottie and we paid the price for that not realizing his registration papers were bogus. He's very small only about 60 pounds but obviously I wouldn't trade him for the world and think he is worth every penny (wish the money went to legit people).

He is also terrified of other dogs (always cries and cowars even where there is no visible threat) so it makes me wonder if there is something else going on there?

My mom actually ran into one of the women that sold us the dog a few months later in there after the vet had confirmed his wasn't full Rottie and my mom made a comment about knowing he wasn't a 100% and she said she knew too. It seems they do have a hidden agenda there and are very shady.

Anonymous said...

I had a very similar situation where I was unable to get a dog from a rescue, but needed a small dog that didn't shed. I ended up at Booth's Corner, and although they people there were super-nice and I was told the dogs stay with families, I have since been told that the puppies in fact do come from puppy mills. I had never owned a pet and didn't grow up with a pet. Needless to say, I was not well-informed prior to me purchasing my dog from Booth's Corner, but that has changed now.

I have a Lhasapoo, whom I absolutely adore and is like a child to me. But when he was about a year old he was diagnosed with allergies and hip dysplasia. I thought that was bad enough. I had no idea what I was in for.

At the age of 3 he was diagnosed with bladder stones. He had 2 surgeries to remove the bladder stones (only 6 months apart). The last one also resulted in a urithrostotomy.

He is now 6 and for the past 3 years we have been dealing with the bladder stones. I have spent over $8K so far on surgeries, procedures, medicines, prescription food, etc. Besides many countless hours at the vet for check-ups and ultrasounds, etc. I would go to the ends of the earth to take care of my dog and I am glad that some of you have reported no incidents, you are lucky.

I, for one, will not buy another dog from a pet store. I have paid literally and emotionally for this, but my poor dog has had to deal with the physical pain and the emotional effects. The only re-assurance I have is that he would have probably been put down had he not be sold to me. I worry because he had a brother, at the time I was unable to get both dogs and I always wonder what happened to him.

Despite all of his problems, he is the happiest little dog with a tone of energy! He loves people and is so kind. He is still happy to go to the vet and the all vets and staff say that he is such a good dog. He lets them do whatever to him, he doesn't react. He has never attempted to bite anyone or growl even when they are poking and prodding him.

I couldn't have asked for a better dog, with such a great demeanor. I would also love to get another Lhasapoo down the road. But never again from a pet store.

Anonymous said...

although this is an older article. I can agree about dog sales at pet shops. These businesses can appear to be so "nice" for a good reason. Its about the money, people. You dont go to the store to buy a baby so why would you go the store to buy a pet. You get someones cast off from a huge profitable business. They do not care about the animal unless it sells. Then its about the profit. Get real. Its only a business - theres no love there for any furry or feathered creature. do your homework. dont be duped. a lifetime with a sick animal can be tortuous to both pet and owner. Do you have the money to waste? Care about what decisions you make. You do not make things Better in any way for any pet shop animal. Its disposable "products" for the shop keeper.

Lou said...

This sight is opinionated and not based on fact, booths corner pets has been in buissness many years with hand picked dogs with papers, purchased from certified private breeders,the owner lives on 20 acres with state of the art kennels, I bought a puppy from him and he's healthy and happy, and would certainly buy another puppy from him again.