14 year old Katina dog shot with a 38 cal. and dumped at a shelter

This is Duchess, a 14 year old Sheltie mix who needs a loving home. Click on the above link to see her Petfinder page at the Pontchartrain Humane Society in Slidell, LA.


Below, Duchess after her mats and
dreadlocks were shaved off.


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Anonymous said...

Duchess has a home!

(Posted from nola.com)

"51997. Dutchess 14 year old dog
by BrideOfVJ, 8/20/08 10:13 ET
Remember Dutchess, The 14 year old Katrina Survivor that had been abandoned, shot, rescued and was being fostered back in post #51796?

She has her forever home. My friend and Partner in WAIF has adopted her. Dutchess now gets to look forward to spending all of the years she has left being spoiled rotten and having every need she may have taken care of.

Dutchess has a cool new 'do. She has been totally shaved down so she can start her magnificent coat all over again from fresh. She has a skin fungus that is being treated and the vet also found that she has a leg fracture which was never fixed which causes a mild limp.

I saw Dutchess (now named Yogi)this morning and wish I had my camera with me so I could have taken a picture of her to share. Rest assured though. She has her happily-ever-after now. "

The "waif" that BrideofVJ refers to is WAIF Nola, and their website is here