Video of Shalanda's Reunion with Jazz

Watch as Tiffany's S-L-E-A-Z-Y lawyer lies and squirms when confronted by direct & clear questions from Shalanda's lawyer.
Watch as he completely avoids eye contact with her.
Watch as he exhibits the classic signs of lying.


But best of all - and have a tissue ready for the ending....
Watch as Shalanda comes out of the courthouse, scoops her baby up in her arms and walks away. Triumphant. Joyful.

A beautiful site to behold.

(the full story will be posted soon)


Anonymous said...

Great Stuff Anita - Thanks for the video and the observation that should be obvious to all after watching. AND THANK YOU SHALANDA for never giving up. I would go to jail for my furbabies too!!

Anonymous said...

I have cried tears of joy for Shalanda and Jazz. Goodness still does exist in this world.

I saw that clip before your post here and I though the exact same thing about Tiffany's lawyer. Exhibiting ALL the classic signs of a liar.

Tiffany was a member of the petfinder AERN team making sure all shelters listed all animals on the AERN. She knew Jazz was supposed to be on the AERN and yet she kept Jazz instead. She broke the law, the MOU and caused grievous harm to a natural disaster victim. Shame on you Tiffany.

She may think she has skirted the law, but Karma certainly will bit her in the ass. Her hate and disrespect will come back to her 10 fold.

Thanks Anita for keeping up on this.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

We can't view the videos. One says error 404 not found and the other doesn't do anything. But if someone was reunited with her dog, great!

S. said...

Buddy boy must have emerged from his coffin special for the occasion as the light appears to be hurting his eyes.

Odd that he can't look Phillips in the eye. Such evasiveness is usually a sign that someone is lying.

Anonymous said...

"anonymous" - unfortunately, Shalanda DID go to jail for her furbaby.

This was not the end - right after the "Thank you!" moment Shalanda was arrested and charged with assault on Madura that had happened previously in the courtroom.


These organisms keep doing anything and everything to poison her life and her long-awaited reunion with Jazz.

Some folks just can't stand losing...

Later that day, she was bonded out of jail and finally reunited with Jazz.

She will still have to return to TX to answer the assault charges.

I think it may be time for the public to let the court know what we think about these underhanded tactics. Faxes or emails("cc" to Shalanda's attorney), etc.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I'm so glad this is finaly over for them. I am SO proud that Jazz's true owner fought the good fight and was victorious! I myself was involved in a lengthy battle that didn't last quite as long, but was just as heated. Thanks to such dedicated rescuers and good people my GSD was legally mine once more. I am truly happy and enlightened to know that people adore there pets enough to put up a heart wrenching battle that spanned three years. Good for her! Thanks to Anita, Ragnar is still happy to this day, I still can't thank you enough.