55+ Dead and Dying Dogs at Waggin' Tails Animal Rescue in Iowa

Click on the link above to read the full story - photos are graphic & disturbing.

The dog above was one of over 40 found dead at the farm owned by
Michele Kintzer in rural Eldora, Iowa (Hardin County).

She is yet one more hoarder who operated yet one more animal rescue scam known as Waggin Tails.

There were no waggin tails when this canine Auschwitz was discovered.

For some reason,
both the county sheriff’s office and the county attorney have not actively pursued charges even though the evidence is about as damning and graphic as it could possibly be.

Original newspaper article here.


Anonymous said...

Sadly hoarders are super con artists because they actually BELIEVE their own excuses. I had the great misfortune to be slightly involved with a large horse rescue (40 animals mostly mares and foals - starved, uncared for - 2 had to be euthanized for a lifetime lack of hoof care). The owner - an elderly woman - wept and begged to keep each animal as it was removed from her property, claiming that she "took good care" of the animals, 3 of whom were unable to stand. She was claiming this to the very people who were dealing with the reality of her neglect!!! She also refused to co-operate with authorities and even hid one horse in the woods behind her home (she was found out and that horse was also removed). Because of her age the authorites DECLINED TO PROSECUTE !!! They had also declined to prosecute her 10 years ago when all but 7 horses were removed from her property (for the EXACT SAME REASONS). She was not prosecuted and allowed to keep horses as long as she limited herself to 7 animals. Obviously nobody followed up and despite dozens of complaints it took almost a year to force the authorities to deal with the issue. Net result - all horses rescued - all local horse rescues overwhelmed and financially strapped and owner gets off with (her second) stern warning and NO fines or jail time.
I wish we had as much concern for her elderly animals as we have had for her lying animal abusing eldely SELF.

cheddiepaws said...

Lately I have been thinking that if the authorities are not going to do the jobs they were hired to do in protecting these animals then it is past time when situations like this are going to have to be taken care of by groups of private citizens just like the group called "Rescue Ink" whom I think are doing a fantastic job filling in for those who are not getting the job done.
These animal can not make the call on the phone when they are in trouble and it is our duty to be able to do it for them... Plus for all the people I know it would be a pleasure for them to be able to eliminate scum like these kind of people who don't have any love in their hearts for the dogs and cats that are in their care.
I just don't understand how people who are like this can sleep at night...
.Boy there has got to be a special place reserved for them who torture animals after they leave this earth... I only hope that it is as horrible a place as what these animals have had to suffer through.

No Animal Left Behind said...

I love those Rescue Ink guys;they are like the Guardian Angels {http://www.guardianangels.org/} for animals. Unfortunately, the "authorities" are often over-worked, under-staffed, and sometimes disinterested. I don't know what things are like where you live, but around here their actions are often ass-backwards.

Two recent examples:
-an out-of-control rogue ACO barged onto the property of a legitimate dog breeder under false pretenses, threatened her, grabbed her one remaining dog, threw the dog into the back of his truck and took the dog to the shelter. This woman - who had done nothing wrong - was falsely charged with neglect and was not allowed to see her dog during the EIGHT months before her trial. At the trial she was acquitted of the charges and when she went to the shelter to get her dog she was told that it had been euthanized.
The bogus charges, the lies, the illegal seizure, the impoundment and possible euthanization* of her dog were all actions of the "authorities."
*of course we will never know if her dog was really killed or if it went home with a shelter employee as soon as it arrived.
-I saw a dog in very poor condition walking down a city street one afternoon. The dog had a large tumor hanging off its side, severe mats and looked to be neglected. I called the SPCA /Animal Control with jurisdiction for that area and I was told that because it was after 4:00 pm, no officer was on duty and they would look into it the next day. I gave the location of the dog but I knew that one went out the next day or ever. Did they think the dog would stand in the same spot for the next 18 hours?
If the dog had walked from the “city” into the “county” - seven blocks - the 24/7 Animal Control would have picked up the dog.

BHRQ said...

What a horrific story.. I hope karma gets her back..


Anonymous said...

It did,she died a horrible death from cancer.I know because she came to the town I live in and passed here.