Video of memorial for the murdered pets of St. Bernard Parish

Pam Leavy, the guardian angel for the animals of New Orleans since Katrina, made this video of last month's memorial service for the pets that were murdered at three schools in St. Bernard Parish as well as shot on the street murdered by St. Bernard Parish sheriff deputies.

The memorial service was conceived, planned and organized by Kelle Davis, a rescuer from Texas, who wanted to simply lay some flowers outside P.T. Beauregard School.

Because the memorial was planned for the day that the trial against the deputies was set to begin, other Katrina rescuers were in town, and Kelle's plan for a small, personal memorial soon took on a life of it's own as evident from the video.

People from all over the country who couldn't be there but who had been involved with Katrina rescues and reunions sent flowers and wreaths; some, like Kelle's rescue partner Barb, decided to hop on a plane from CA to Louisiana at the last minute. John Bozes drove many hours to be there - his dog Angel Girl was killed along with two of his family's other dogs.

One of the highlights of the video is Barb and Kelle's reunion with Mercedes, the dog belonging to Chris Acosta that they rescued weeks after the massacre. Kelle not only rescued Mercedes, but fostered her and then reunited her with her very grateful owner and was thrilled to see her and Chris again.

(Chris Acosta is featured in the film, An American Opera, for having rescued many elderly residents from St. Rita's Nursing Home; e saved the lives of many people before evacuating himself).

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