Simba has been REUNITED !!!

It's been over two years since Ben, Dionne, Nicholas and Jordan saw their dog Simba. On December 22 they drove from their temporary home in Virginia (where they've been living and working while awaiting their return to New Orleans) to the shelter in NJ where they were reunited with Simba.


Jan said...

This is terrific! It's a shame so many Katrina animals are still missing. It's nice to hear another one went home.

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PK from FL said...

For over 2 years, I have viewed Simba's pic, just about weekly, in the kennel in the back of the transport..and have been taken by his beauty. Always wondering who this beautiful guy belonged to...knowing he had to have been owned by someone who obviously loved him. NOW I KNOW...his owners and the loving volunteers have been working on his return since Nov '05! What an awesome surprise! What a Miracle! Thanks to Jen and his owners for their perseverance! Wow!