Update on San Diego Wild Animal Park

Of the over 3,500 animals that reside at the Park, two animals (a clapper rail and a kiang) were lost due to complications from the fire. More than 600 acres of Wild Animal Park property were burned. These were open buffer zone areas and not exhibit or public access space.

The California condors and other endangered bird species, as well as other animals that had been relocated to the Paul Harter Veterinary Medical Center’s fire-safe area, have been returned to their home habitats.

Although trees suffered from wind damage, and wildfires scorched several perimeter areas of the Park, animals remain safe and secure within their expansive 60- to 80-acre habitats. These habitats are heavily irrigated and contain no flammable material, creating a safe zone for many species.

The animals remain safe, secure, and have weathered the firestorm well. The Wild Animal Park did lose one of the empty condor breeding facilities to the fire as well as a storage facility containing Festival of Lights event materials. Winds have damaged trees throughout the Park, but again the animals and exhibits have weathered the storm. A core group of employees is on hand to care for the wildlife. Other employees and some contractors are currently assisting with clean up and restoration efforts. As an energy conservation measure, the Wild Animal Park has voluntarily removed itself from the SDG&E power grid and is operating on generators.

Many people have asked how they can help the Wild Animal Park restore habitats affected by the Witch Creek fires.

Situated in the San Pasqual Valley, the Wild Animal Park is no stranger to the threat of fires. Over the past years, we have been actively working to minimize these threats through a Greening Campaign. This campaign has enabled us to create hundreds of acres of nutrient dense, eco-irrigated land that functioned as a natural safety blanket for our animals during the recent fires. Although we have already converted much of the Wild Animal Park’s dry, arid, fire-prone land into environmental sustainable landscapes, at a size of 1,700 square acres, the Park needs further help. Your contribution today to our Greening Campaign will allow us to continue our greening efforts at the Wild Animal Park.

Should you care to make a donation to the Greening Campaign for the Wild Animal Park via personal check please make it out to the Zoological Society of San Diego (or ZSSD for short) and mail to:

Zoological Society of San Diego
Attn: Development- Wild Animal Park Greening
The Zoological Society of San Diego
P.O. Box 120551
San Diego, CA 92112-0551

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