Do these look like death-row dogs?

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These are just a few of the dogs adopted out by Mutts & Moms. One of my many objections to the debacle over Iggy was the claim made by Marina Baktis that they were saving death-row dogs. While some of these dogs were said to have been found on the streets, she "rescued" most from shelters.

The dogs in the photos above are not the dogs that typically get euthanized at shelters. If you want to see a few of the dogs that really need to be saved - the ones that are euthanized at an alarming rate every day because of too many dumb-ass pet owners, look here.

I don't know if the word "rescue" fits the scenario of taking cute fluffy and/or pure breed dogs from shelters (where the adoption fees are usually between $20-100), sending them off for a nice grooming, and then charging a much higher adoption fee in addition to requiring a "DONATION" of $250.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines donation as: a free contribution.

Marina Baktis stated the following on her website under The Adoption Process:

Am I willing and able to make a minimum suggested donation of at least $250? We are looking for "rescue partners" who understand that in order to continue doing our life saving work, we must find adopters who are financially stable, are able to make the commitment that a
substantial contribution implies, and are willing to help us save the next dog. Donations are not a purchase price nor an adoption fee but a contribution freely given. Donations are not refundable.

It's vulgar to require people to make freely-given contributions.

And what is your idea of financially stable? Would you adopt one of your dogs to a loving working class family? Or a single mom who lives in a pet-friendly apartment? Or God-forbid, someone living in a trailer?


critter said...

Great post! Some rescues are truly horrid. We have similar problems here in NJ where some private shelters and rescues present themselves as "no kill" while they charge us a "surrender fee" so they can take the easily adoptable dogs to their facility. They then turn around and charge a much higher "adoption fee" and then sleep well at night while we're known as a "kill shelter."

We do their killing for them. They should at least not charge us for "saving" some of the dogs in our very over-crowded municipal shelters.

Thanks for shedding light on some of the darker sides of so-called "animal rescue."

Anonymous said...

"Do these look like death-row dogs?" Well, yes they do actually. They are shown with their new families enjoying life and love. Are you saying the dogs shown for the Spalding County Animal Shelter are more needy than the dogs from M&M because M&M took the photos outside in the sunshine being cuddled and loved rather than Spalding's photos that were taken indoors, in a kennel, through the mesh wire on cold concrete flooring? They're the same dogs....big, small, cute, homely,fluffy, smooth...all needing homes. They got that, be happy for them. Animals are reproduced at a rate that no rescue or re-homing group will ever keep up with. Is it so important how where when why the picked them up or how much their fees are?

critter, are you saying rescues are charging you for pets they pick up from your kill shelter?? rest assured, anyone that has been in rescue understands the position you are in, you have no room, low funds, no choice.

Anonymous said...

"Ms. Anonymous 10:15pm" - you are speaking from IGNORANCE. For those of us who actually DO rescue Dogs from DEATH ROW - those dogs that HAVE BEEN GIVEN A DEFINITE KILL DATE and we pull them 24 hours before they are put down, we can tell you that those pictured are NOT "death row dogs". Those are highly adoptable dogs at shelters that, if LEFT THERE, WOULD HAVE BEEN ADOPTED. Again, YEARS of DAILY experience talking here. M&M pulls dogs that they KNOW they can adopt out. They don't "save" dogs from absolute death. IF they did, they're kennel would be chalk full of Staffies, Pits, German Sheperds and Rotts. Grow Up. M&M invited the criticism themselves by (now famously) NOT putting "Iggy's" best interest at heart, but rather their own ego and desire to make a name for themselves. Well it BACK FIRED. And they did NOT have the support from respected and reputable rescuers for their poor judgment and fame hungry action. Cry all they want now. Actions speak louder than words and standing on "contract" means nothing when the animal looses.

You're big on hiding your ignorance, then allow me to deny you respect and post the same.