To the person who got rid of their cat near my house

Sunday morning I walked with my dogs to the small wooded area two blocks up the street from my house. At the edge of this area, almost directly under the large Verizon platform, sat a small animal carrier. I felt instant dread as I walked around to the front to look inside, expecting the worst. But the small metal door was open and inside was only an empty can of cat food, dirty newspapers and bowl full of water.

So, to the person who thought this was the responsible way to get rid of this cat:

It Was Not.
Did you leave this cat in my neighborhood because you assumed and hoped it would not find its way back "home?"
I pray it didn't try to, only to be disposed of again.

Could you not wait till Monday when the SPCA re-opened?
Did you call the Humane Association to see if they could take the cat on Sunday, the same day you dumped it?
Or are you one of those pet owners who does not feel that you should have to donate/pay a fee when you want to get rid of one of your pets?
Do you believe that any shelter should be thankful to have your unwanted cat or dog and therefore, it's a personal affront to be asked to make a small donation for this?
It's unlikely that this was a feral cat because anyone re-releasing a feral would know what they were doing; it would have been released directly from a trap after being altered and not from a dirty carrier that was left there.
I really wonder what you were thinking?
That the opened carrier would protect your no-longer wanted cat from the ferals who live around there, or the raccoons or foxes who live well within smell-range of this carrier?
I pray that this was an indoor-outdoor cat and is able to survive until one of us can find it or it finds one of us.

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Sandra B said...

Police charges should be brought up against this monster.

It is FAR too easy for any IDIOT to get a hold of a "pet" to call their own and then abandon, abuse, and/or kill. There are way too many animals available for too cheap in too many mills, newspaper adds, bulletin boards, cardboard signs on telephone polls saying "free to good home" or "puppies/kittens for sale" with no screening of the sanity of the adopter.

Very sad.