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This is a great site and I totally agree with what Andrew and Diana are saying here. Every time I'm at the dog park and see a dog of indeterminate genetics, I ask the owner what it is. One day there were four lab/goldendoodles and their owners were discussing where they got their dogs from. What I overheard was that they were all shipped from overseas! Wow - this really flipped me out, since I had just left the shelter feeling depressed as always because of all the great, beautiful dogs there. Those dogs cost more than my first car which also came from overseas.

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BlackCatAlfa said...

I just recently adopted three adult cats. People asked me why I didnt get kittens. I said because the kittens would go fast, and these cats needed a home, besides you dont know what you get with a kitten. an adult cat will at least give youan idea of personality.
The same with dogs, and puppies. I am going to adopt an adult beagle from the beagle rescue in my area. ( have to build a fence first though ) Most of my new neighbors are of the yuppie kind, they havent lived in this rural area very long, and they all have the huge houses, SUV's, and the 3.1 children. They also allow their very expensive dogs to roam. I have taken their dogs home because they were on the road! True, my road is tiny, but very tempting for Beemers to fly over. I am appalled at their behavior toward their pets..their pets that they carefully chose to be "in", or "cool" or to look like they have a lot of money.