Your help is needed

There are still many cats roaming in the greater New Orleans area from Katrina, as well as the kitties and grand-kitties of those cats. Efforts are being made to trap them and depending on whether they are feral or not, spay/neuter & release or put up for adoption. The volunteers who have been feeding those cats (maintaining set food & water stations) are totally burnt out and fried. There are only a few left to cover most all of Orleans, St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes. They can't continue at this pace. New volunteers are desperately needed.

Here's a suggestion: if you are a Katrina evacuee who is still searching for your lost/missing cat and are back in the area, please consider volunteering some of your time.
Your cat may still be out there. Or maybe you got your cat back thanks to the efforts of other volunteers. Think of it like Pay it Forward - for all those months that you were in crisis and without internet access, volunteers left behind their jobs, families and their own pets to come to New Orleans to help rescue your pets. Then more volunteers all over the country as well as in Canada, Belgium and Australia spent tens of thousands of hours online searching for rescued pets and doing what we/they could do to facilitate reunions.

But now we need the people from and in the New Orleans area to step up to the plate and help. Feeders are needed in Lakeview, the 9th Ward , New Orleans East, St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parish. Whether you can volunteer occassionally or on a regular schedule, please give what you can.

Pay it forward. Pay it backward, either way,

please contact ARNO now. Thank you!

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