Sharon Gorski's open letter to the rescuers

Have you seen the movie "Eight Below?" If not you have to watch that movie, as it should explain something very important to you.

It sends a message to every single animal lover on this earth. We saw this same determination with the rescues who made their way down to ground zero, and with the rescuers that followed them.

In the very beginning when the small guys went past Lamar-Dixon, and said we can do better than them. We said we will work together to save the animals. We actually went our seperate ways, but we accomplished much. But the real reason you went down there, was because you wanted to save the pets and return them to their owners.

Yes, some did get back to their owners, but there are still a lot of them who did not, and you know what, a lot of their owners have now lost large chunk of their heart, and it is for them that I write this. Because when you lose a piece of your heart, you are never whole until you find that piece and return it to it's rightful place.

This is what we should ALL be working towards, to return those pets that were saved, brought to safety, and taken care of by their guardian angels, but they need to go home to the ones who are missing them, missing that piece of themselves, and their pet is the only thing that will help live thru the rest of this terrible ordeal.

You came together in December to help these people find their loved and lost pets, why can you not open your hearts, and once again help these people find their pets, you are the only hope they have, and most of you are shutting the doors in their faces. It has been almost one year, won't you consider another chance to help them find their pets.

I do not care what ya'll think of me, I am an animal lover, and I have compassion for all humans, and with those two virtues, I am rich, when in reality I am poor.

I lost my home and a couple of pets to a house fire a few years back, so I know the feeling that these pet owners go thru. I cannot get my pets they are gone forever, but these people they know these pets were rescued, and alive somewhere, that gives them hope.

I will not ceast and desist, I have nothing to sue for except my voice. And this voice will not quit until, you have at least tried one more time to help the pet owners of the pets you helped to rescue.

I am speaking to the founders of these rescues, prove to me and the rest of the world that you really are the animal lovers you say you are. Prove it to these owners. If you do not at least try, then we will know that you are not what you say you are, you are not animal lovers and you do not have human compassion.

Sharon Gorski

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