Road trip to Doylestown

Lest anyone think that Laura's and my day in Doylestown was all work and no play, we stopped "on the way" at the New Bolton Center of the U of Penn Vet School to see if we could have a peak at Barbaro. We both knew that we wouldn't be able to, but the security guard who is now posted at the entrance was really nice, and did get us permission to go inside the building. The fences at the entrance to the New Bolton Center were covered with Get Well cards and greetings for the beloved horse from kids from all over. Inside were many giant cards sent from Churchill Downs and other tracks. I walked around reading all the cards and notes and cried. This is one amazing horse. Continue to pray for him.


BlackCatAlfa said...

Im not sure how I feel about this whole thing.
I know Barbaro has a great heart, but then I wonder why he tried to keep running when obviously in tremendous pain and agony. ( horse brainwashing? )
We know animals act differently than we do when in pain ( ie: cats hide ) and I saw the race from beginning to end as Barbaro was carted off.
Dont get me wrong, I sincerely hope he can be saved.
I had a thoroughbred as a pet, and I dont think she would have kept running.
Oh..wet blanket, I know.. but wondering nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Barbaro is the focus of much attention. Let us not forget the fate of so many other "retired" racehorses once they have outlived their usefulness to us.