Attention Evacuees Still Searching for Pets

There are still many cats and dogs roaming around New Orleans who are surviving thanks to the food and water stations maintained by ARNO (Animal Rescue New Orleans). These ARNO volunteers and others continue to take photos of these roaming animals in the hope that they will be recognized by their owners. Some have been trapped but many continue to resist being trapped. If you recognize your cat or dog in one of the photos - GO IMMEDIATELY and try to get it yourself, or send someone who is known to your pet. Even if someone else succeeds in trapping it, they may not know how, or be willing to track you down - and your pet will likely be adopted to a new family. Shelters in and around New Orleans have been overflowing past capacity since the Hurricane and rescue groups around the country are having animals transported out.

Some of the roaming animals are Katrina grand-puppies and grand-kittens. Not cool.
Katrina was 10+ months ago, and a new set of unwritten and mostly unspoken "rules" now apply. Most volunteers are not taking on brand new cases now. If a pet is trapped and adopted out before anyone recognizes it, there won't be any way or anyone to advocate for that pet to be sent back to its pre-Katrina owner. See Lost Katrina Pets for pets still "lost in the system".

Any animal that has survived on its own for 10+ months and has someone willing to give it a loving home, deserves that.

Here are two of the links to Roaming Pets:

Pets in New Orleans
Pets in the 9th Ward

Please check back here or
LeAnne's site for photos of pets roaming in Chalmette, Lakeview and East New Orleans.

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