UPDATE: sucky sucky people Part I

First, the article in Sunday's Pittsburgh's Post-Gazette

Second, from the burgh blog (reprinted here because it is so good)

Oh my God, you sucky sucky people named Ms. Fox and Voices for Animals, would you give the old, poor, having a shitty year and just wants to go home, man his dog back?!

“We are attempting settlement negotiations and I think there’s a good chance we will settle this amicably,” she said.

She declined to say whether Bandit was still in the Pittsburgh area.

Negotiations? “Declined to say”? Is this dog shitting diamonds or something?

I don’t care if the man is old, and I don’t care if he abandoned the dog … he had no choice. There aren’t many groups of people going through crappier times than those of the 9th Ward in New Orleans … just ask Woy.

If Bandit could talk, he’d probably tell you to kiss his furry ass, that he hates the Burgh weather, and to please put him on the first plane to Houston so he can see his best friend.

Give the man his dog back … and for good measure … ,you sucky sucky people.

I’m having weird Elian Gonzalez flashbacks suddenly. Where’s Janet Reno when you need her to storm in and take things that don’t belong to people?

Oh, and anyone attempting to keep Bandit from returning to his owner, you have dethroned Dom Costa as Annoying Burgher. Your crowns are in the mail … and by “crowns” I mean flaming bags of poo.


Blackcat said...

You know..when I went to adopt my three cats .. I had to walk over coals, go thru hell, bend over several times, and pay and pay and pay.
These ( women mostly ) either take their jobs too seriously, or are taken in with the "important" aspect of their job description.
All they had to do was call my vet, whom Ive known for 15 years. But no..they called family, friends, neighbors..THEN my vet.
Now, this could all be acceptable, except they treated me like I was a pain in the ass instead of a person who merely wanted to adopt. I dont want my ass kissed, just do the research and give me the cat.
Its a power thing.
I dont think human babies get as much screening as pet adopters do.
Fucking fat girls who think they have power piss me off. ( Im fat I can say that )
Oh..I could go on, but Ill spare you

Just give the man his dog

Anonymous said...

Black Cat said,
"Its a power thing." It sure looks that way. Megalomania combined with sadism.