Reunion Video: CeCe Goes Home

Thank you Mindy for tracking down CeCe at the SPCA of Monterey County (CA).
CeCe is now back with her owner in New Orleans.

And THANK YOU to the wonderful director and staff of the SPCA of Monterey County for not only actively (and pro-actively) searching for the owners of the 31 dogs you took in after katrina, but for doing the right thing with the right attitude for the dogs and their owners who love them and had to evacuate without them.

This is what it's all about.

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chrisjaffer@hotmail.com said...

Hi, this is in response to CeCe goes home. My fiance and I were her foster parents and loved her very much to this day, he still gets teary eyed when he sees her picture in the frame by my bedside table. I just hope she is doing well. We never heard anything after she arrived in New Orleans on how she is. If you know or anyone knows please email me. Thank you, Christine