Miracle Reunion Story

A cat named Brillo was rescued after Katrina from St. Bernard Parish and taken to Camp Lucky. where he managed to escape.

Yesterday he showed up at his home which is now a FEMA trailer on the property. He traveled three miles in ten months.

Susan B is the volunteer who has been working closely with lost and found pets and their owners from St. Bernard Parish and received the phone call from Brillo's owner who was simply overjoyed. Susan said "he was sobbing so that I could barely make out what he was saying. I do believe he is in a state of shock."

A miracle.

Denise, who has been Cat Coordinator Extraordinaire for No Animal Left Behind, attributed the following comment to Brillo as we were giving him virtual high-fives late last night:

f--k this shit, I am going home! Good kitty :)

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wonderful story