Animal Videos

Katrina Rescues and Reunions from a NJ Public TV show

Oily Dog Video (Katrina)

This was filmed by the Dallas Morning News and shows Oily Dog in the middle of the massive oil spill at Murphy Oil in Chalmette in early Sept. If you watch the entire video, there is something out of place at the end. Do you know what it is?

Very happy dog rescued 29 days after Katrina

This is not one of those videos that will make you cry; instead it will make you feel grateful to the rescuers who went down there and saved animals. And this group of rescuers did not steal the pets they rescued; they worked with us to find owners and reunite. Thank you guys!

Spay it Forward

(not the name of this video, but my term for why and how we all have do to educate and help create low-cost spay/neuter programs in our local communites).

Animal Cruelty/Hoarding found in Maryland on May12th

The Fate of a Shelter Dog


BlackCatAlfa said...

this is such a sad and heartbreaking video, and I know that I will never get used to seeing this. I dont know how people can do this day in and day out.

BlackCatAlfa said...

The woman who had the animals in Maryland, and who was arrested and her animals taken away from her... now is asking for all of them back!
So far, they have not been given back, but the beat goes on.