Where Are You Now

Months go by and still no word
the loss is great
this void absurd
where are you now my little friend
this waiting hurts, there is no end
does your heart ache for me as well
do thoughts of me make your heart swell
I remember oh so sweet
the pitter patter of your feet
the way your eyes lit up with joy
when you found your special toy
Loving moments in my arms
when I could not resist your charms
They came and took you far away
they say I'm bad, you're gone to stay
But I will live another day.....
I am not dead, and they will pay
For you know in your little heart
that we did not choose to part
When will this nitemare end
Where are you now my little friend?

Written for all the victims of Katrina who are still searching for their babies.
Judy Gagnon

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