Another pet martyr...oops, I mean pet lover

“I’m just trying to find good families for some very wonderful animals"

Robyn Urman has been a pet lover all her life! In fact she is so enamored with the furry creatures that she spends much of her time rescuing those in need.

She started a pet rescue organization eight years ago called Pet Resq Inc. Hours after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, she was on her way to rescue the homeless pets of New Orleans, one of whom was adopted by a Rye Neck teacher.

Ms. Urman has been working with pets for 20 years. She went down to the Gulf Coast three times to rescue pets that were lost in Hurricane Katrina. In all, she rescued 58 animals and within a few days 38 of those pets found foster homes. Ms. Urman picked up dogs, cats, roosters,and parrots. “I’m just trying to find good families for some very wonderful animals,” she said.

In addition to finding small animals, Ms.Urman fed and watered dozens of horses and found new boarding places for them while in New Orleans. Ms. Urman is clearly someone who believes in doing good in the world. “Every little bit helps,” she explained, “even if it’s not for animals.”

Ms. Urman has seven of her own pets, three dogs and four cats. Her oldest dog is named “Pebbles” and is 10 years old. Her oldest cat, Wookie, is 15. Ms. Urman doesn’t have a favorite pet, she loves all her pets equally, she said.

Ms. Mara Cohen, a Rye Neck School District language teacher who teaches French, Spanish, and Italian at Bellows, adopted a Katrina pet recently, a five year old dog. He was found under a house in the 9th Ward of New Orleans on September 19, three weeks after the hurricane struck,” Ms. Cohen said. “It is quite a miracle that he is still alive.”

Ms. Cohen was looking for a new pet when she heard about the dozens of homeless animals in the south following Hurricane Katrina. “My sister told me about a group of dogs that had been rescued and brought to her town,” Ms. Cohen said. She contacted Ms. Urman’s organization after that conversation.

Pet Resq Inc. continues to look for places for animals. If you want to adopt a pet or give a generous donation to the organization, visit the website www.petresqinc.petfinders.org. These furry creatures are just waiting to be adopted and loved.

PetResQ Inc.
24 W. Railroad Avenue, Suite 172
Tenafly NJ 07670

Why does this dog look so sad? Maybe because he misses his real owners who had to evacuate to a shelter and believed they would be back home in 2 days. He was found in the 9th Ward in case he looks familiar to anyone.

The male Cairn Terrier below is available for adoption - anyone recognize him?

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Snoutmamma said...

I contacted that shelter way back in the beginning of the great pet displacement. There was a little white poodle in a Polaroid that looked exactly like Snowball. After weeks and weeks of waiting for the HSUS volunteers to get records updated, lo and behold, one day the shelter was named. I called the number I found on the webpage I found for this shelter and was told they didn't have any dogs. I was later told that they didn't have that dog at all.
Someone else called and was told that the dog was assigned to them, but they didn't have it and it must still be in LA.......? The local poodle rescue in LA was trying to contact them also to secure the poodle for safekeeping, you know, there was no sense in transporting it to NJ when there was a nationwide poodle rescue right there in LA. But the lady in NJ never called back the lady in LA who was with the LA Poodle Rescue.
We often wonder what eventually happened to the little white poodle......I even told this shelter person that there was a reward for Snowball and if she had Snowball, there was some $$$ if she had the dog.
Another volunteer had an issue with some ShihTzu this rescue had. I don't know if that was ever resolved. I watched the adoption page for this rescue and I never saw 58 pets....but then again, I could count the total posted on one hand...their webpage says that they have no physical location, all the pets are in members homes, which would not have been allowed under Lamar-Dixon rules for 501(c)organizations to pull from Lamar.
Being a martyr is such hard work.....rules to break, regulations to ignore, Stealth Volunteers looking over their shoulders, owners wanting pets back....