Cat reunited after 7 months....letter from Jane Garrison

Thu, 30 Mar 2006 12:26:07 -0500

We just heard about a cat ARNO had been looking for since September. Angel was being evacuated after the hurricane in her carrier (in a boat) with four other cats when the carrier broke. Angel ran and was never seen again. We sent trappers and feeders out to look for Angel numerous times....no luck. Angel's mom put flyers and ads everywhere around NOLA and never gave up hope. She just got a call from a man who saw the flyers and said he had been feeding the cat for the past 2 months! Angel's mom is out in Oregon so she sent a friend to identify Angel...sure enough it was her. So, she was caught, looked at by the vet and now going home to Oregon almost 7 months later!!.

Do not give up looking for your animals. Put their photos everywhere in your neighborhood and continue to leave food and water at your home. Cats typically do not stray too far but may have gone several blocks to find food so be sure to hang flyers in a 10 block radius (at least). This is only one of many reunions we have seen...you could be next! Don't give up...

Warm wishes,
Jane Garrison

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