Just because God is Dog spelled backwards....

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Dave Gourley here - had no idea this blog existed -
Yes - at the time of Katrina - I represented Sandragon Kennels in Pa. Yes - we have been in the dog world for over 30 years. - I had been involved in Rottweiler Rescue for over 12 years prior to Katrina - NO - we did not come to bring your dogs out and breed to them - After seeing the sheriff department officers shoot those dogs in the school, I canceled my
appointments in my real job ( providing homecare for seniors) rented a van and headed for Lamar-Dixon -
I understand that those people who were ordered to leave their dogs did so extremely reluntant - I have no complaint with them -
It is the people who left their dogs on the sides of the road - bitches in whelp - whole litters in vari crates - covered with clothing in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees - it is with people who LEFT their dogs tethered to their houses and left them...
It is these people that I was so upset with.
The 3 dogs that I managed to get out - One was adopted in Staten Island by a rescue group, who spent $35,000 to rehab this dog - the dog had 4 major surgeries on its eyes, it tested positive for heartworm, the dog was 33 pounds under weight, he was neutered and finally place in a loving home.

One dog was a rottweiler mix - went to a couple of Doctors (husband & wife) who spent a ton of money rehabing the dog - mediacal bills - animal behavorist - etc.

the 3rd dog - we guessed her age at between 6 to 9 months - she was positive for heartworm, she had tapeworms and a host of other parasites in her body, she was a mess. My wife n I kept her with our family for 7 months - getting her healthy - socializing her - and eventually found a retired nurse who fell in love with her to adopt her.

The Bullmastiff went to Bullmastiff rescue and was properly cared for and placed.

The poodles that Carolina Rescue took out were all properly cared for and placed in loving homes...

We are not bad people - we are dog people - we are horse people and yes I have been in your shoes - more times than I wish to speak of...

People who live in GLASS houses should not throw stones