HOPE Safehouse is adopting Katrina pets

1. Katrina pets are not to be adopted until after December 31st.

2. Photos and accurate information on Katrina pets is to be posted on Petfinder's Animal Emergency Response Network.

3. HOPE Safehouse is in ignoring both of these guidelines set forth by the HSUS, ASPCA and the State Vet of Louisiana.

Note that they have not posted these pets on Petfinder's Animal Emergency Response Network (AERN) but rather on the regular Petfinder site which used by shelters to advertise post animals available for adoption. Katrina evacuees do not know to look here!!

If you recognize your pet in one of their photos, contact them for more information.

If you don't get full cooperation in trying to identify and reunite with your pet from this or any other shelter, please contact noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com.

(Click on the title link to see photos of some of their Katrina pets)

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