UPDATE: Domino has been found!

Domino was found today. Turns out he wasn't rescued at all, but was being fed by a man in the neighborhood. The man eventually won Domino's trust and was able to get close enough to read Steve's cell phone number on the tag! This means hopefully that Vallie (the one in the Phantom of the Opera mask), Muddy (a black lab) and Bikini (yellow lab) are also somewhere in the neighborhood.

The four dogs were left with a dog sitter at 728 Marigny St
. Vallie is spayed, five years old and weighed around 50 lbs. She has to be the easiest dog to locate in New Orleans or anywhere.

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DalGal said...

I really hope you manage to find these babies. My spotted girl is snoozing on the sofa - I am glad she is safe but so sad for the owner of these two, and all the other people trying to find their pets. :(