REUNION: Candy and Jason

Candy has been living in a warehouse in New Orleans East since Katrina. Seems she was carried off in the flood and washed into the warehouse where she was discovered (luckily) by Mike, an employee of a storage company there. Mike began leaving food out for her every night but wasn't able to get close enough to read the information on her tags. Over time, he gained her trust and on Monday was able to get the phone number on her rabies tag and actually play with her a bit. Mike contacted the clinic and someone there called Jason.

Jane Garrison responded immediately to the call to get Candy from the warehouse. But when she and her rescue team arrived, they found the warehouse surrounded by barbed wire, so they had to return the next morning (yesterday). They got her out of the warehouse and into a crate and took her to her vet's office where she was checked over and declared to be healthy. She was boarded overnight and today Caroline-volunteer extraordinaire- drove her from New Orleans to Dallas. Caroline actually drove from Shreveport to New Orleans then to Dallas and is now on her way back home to Shreveport.

Tonight Candy is at home in Dallas with Jason. Reunion pics will be posted soon.


Anonymous said...

Please check http://sbpdogs.atlantapets.org/

Pet ID: SAB290 on the second page.
I believe this is Candy. Check her feet markings and the chest. She had a grey muzzel now, but that picture looks to be old.
Good luck to you all.
Kim J.

Anonymous said...

Candy is a NOLA dog, not St. Bernard Parish. Is it possible she could've been brought there and left?

orlaa said...

dogs can easily travel a TWENTY MILE RADIUS! and even much much father if they are searching for their human companion. dont write off a dog found in another parish or even another STATE!!

Anonymous said...

We had several Akitas come through the HUmane Society of Louisiana located at Tylertown, Ms. Check their website for their address and contact them. Billie