IMPORTANT Updates for SBP pet owners

The Island Business Group has recovered the St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter's data from their flooded computers !!

Any microchips sold to St. Bernard Parish Government, St. Bernard Parish Animal Control, or St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter are now accessible. Owners may request a "reverse search" to find their microchip numbers while updating their contact information.
License tags for pets that were adopted through the shelter, pets that were impounded, or pets whose owners purchased them directly from the shelter are also listed. Unfortunately, the majority of licenses were not on computer.
To search this database go to:
If a match is found, you can click on the link or email the shelter at sbpanimal@aol.com
We are asking that owners whose pets are microchipped or have other searchable identification (a known license or vet hopital tag number, a tattoo, etc.) and are looking for their pets contact Ceily at sbpanimal@aol.com with their current address and telephone numbers. This will be added to the shelter's database so that anyone looking for the owner will be able to find them.

Other places to look for photos of SBP animals:

The Los Angeles SPCA Link pictures a group of pets rescued by Camp Lucky that were flown to California for distribution throughout the state. Under each rescued pet photo is a contact telephone number. Additional photos of some of the same pets are listed on the Los Angeles SPCA site.
Los Angeles SPCA

Pasadena Humane/SPCA has listed their group separately on their own website.
Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana in Shreveport. When viewing this link be sure to scroll to the bottom of each page and click on previous posts. It will then bring up previous pages of rescued pet photos. Continue to do this until you reach the end.

The Humane Society of North Texas has received several rescued pets that were originally taken to Rebel Field in Chalmette. There are new and better photos pictured on their website of these same rescued animals.

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