Tips and Suggestions for Finding Your Lost or Missing Pet

Some helpful websites:

Post a listing about your pet. Be sure to include your email address and at least one phone number. Be as specific as possible in describing it. Post a photo if you have one. Request that it be cross-posted elsewhere. Be sure to click on the New Orleans link, and from there the Missing Pets link. Put your full name or the full name of the person the pet can be traced to in the posting. This will also allow your name to show up in a Google search which is helpful if the pet was rescued from your house.
There are problems with both of these sites; many of the photos are bad and much of the information is wrong. Check both often. If your dog is a 50/50 mix, Lab/Boxer for example, be sure to search under both breeds as well as "pit bull", "mix", "Rottweiler", etc. Sad but true but a lot of the people entering information into the database had no idea about breeds. I’ve seen golden retrievers listed as yellow labs; lhasa apsos listed as shih tzus; an all black cat listed as a grey tabby and a small fuzzy kitten described as a Rottie mix. And for reasons I can't figure, some aniamls are of undetermined sex. There have even been a few times when a found pet was posted under "Lost Pets", so leave no stone unturned. Start off with a narrow search in case you get lucky and expand it as needed.

Both sites allow you to search by the address the pet was rescued from. Use only the name of the street, not the words st., rd., ave., blvd., etc. If you see a FOUND pet listing that may be yours, save the entire listing in a file on your computer because listings change and even disappear!

If you don't get a resonse to your inquiry to the contact person who has posted the FOUND listing, please contact us here.

They have compiled a comprehensive list of shelters around the county where animals have been taken to. They also have lots of other ideas and suggestions.

Search for found/rescued dogs here.

Search here for found/rescued cats here.

Other Useful Suggestions:
If your dog is a purebred, contact as many rescue groups as possible for that breed, especially those in and closest to the Gulf region. Send emails. Enclose a photo and description of you dog if you have one. Breed rescue groups are more likely than many shelters to provide long term fostering while continuing to look for you. We have Breed Coordinators who will work with you to find your pet.

Send us an email and include complete and detailed information.

Even if you don’t have a photo, find one on the internet that looks similar to your pet and post it, stating that it is not an actual photo but close to what your dog or cat look like. Provide information as best you can about the dog’s height, coloring, weight, condition of teeth. State if it was spayed or neutered. Was it micro-chipped and if so, do you have the number? Many animals personalities have temporarily changed due to the stress and conditions they’ve experienced, so it may not be helpful to say that your dog loves to catch a Frisbee or roll over.

Just because your dog was wearing a red collar when you evacuated doesn’t mean it will be wearing it now. Collars were removed from dogs. Your pet may have lost weight, gained weight, been injured. Some animals have been shaven to remove mats and gunk. Some animals may have “aged” a few years during the past month so be careful how you describe your pet. Someone who may have your pet may not realize it if you describe it as it was pre-Katrina.

If your animal can be traced in any way to your former home phone number, even if it is now out-of-order, call the phone company and request that your number be transferred to another number. If you have voice mail through your former NOLA phone number, change the greeting to include a number where you can be reached now. If you don’t have voice mail, call the phone company immediately and sign up for it. Also make sure to have your mail forwarded someplace where you can get it every day. Rent a P.O. Box if you need to.

Contact someone at your former place of employment to let them know how to get in touch with you if necessary and to see if there is a message or information relay/ response system in place.

There are a lot of people willing to help.

Send us an email or call toll-free 877-680-0090.

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