There is so much to be outraged about Nayda Suleman choosing to have more babies as a single, unemployed mother of six, one of whom is autistic. I know that during her interview with Ann Curry she tried to claim that three of her kids have disabilities, but ADD is not a disability. Kids with ADD may need special accommodations in school but it's hardly a "disability" that earns her money from the State of CA.

I were a tax-payer in California, a state with a very serious budget deficit, I would be adamant with my elected officials that my state treasury not pick up the hospital tab. Perhaps the dumb-ass fertility doctor should pay the bill.

Octomom claims that she tried for years to get pregnant (the old fashioned way) but she had her first in-vitro at the age of 27 (!) so in the absence of one or more partners/sperm donors to verify this, I don't think she can be believed about this any more than she can about her other lies and manipulations. How old was she when she started trying to get pregnant - 14?

If the six kids she already had were 6 dogs, and she went to a shelter or rescue organization to adopt one or eight more, she likely would be denied. Or should be.

While shelters should not discriminate against people who are poor or unemployed, they do have a right to know how many and what kind of other pets are at home. Most responsible shelters would not adopt another dog to Octomom as to not contribute to a hoarding situation.
Which is what she is now - a hoarder of humans instead of pets. Human babies.

Did anyone else notice during the Ann Curry interview that when Nayda Suleman was reunited with her 6 kids after being in the hospital giving birth to the litter of 8, it was only her autistic son that made her emotional? She seemed to have a stronger bond with him than the others (at least from what was shown on TV), which raises even more concerns about her mental and emotional health.

Her autistic son is the most dependent on her and the one who may never separate and leave her. Autistic kids are perfectly capable of independence when they receive the proper intervention and care but I wonder if she’s provided any for him or if she even wants to. Someone needs to ask her what kind of special training and care he’s received with all the money she collected for his disability.

Even if she was completely truthful, she has exhibited so much narcissism and selfishness, popping out babies while going to school and expecting/ assuming her mother will just take care of them for her. She's placed her mother in a horrible no-win situation of either abandoning her daughter and her litters of grandkids, or sacrificing her own life to help raise them.

Octomom does not get to go to back to school with 14 children under the age of 6. She didn't get pregnant by accident. She insisted on all 6 of her remaining eggs be fertilized and implanted. She refused to selectively abort some of those embryos. Be careful what you wish for because you got it.

Why the hurry to finish her degree anyway? It's not as if she will be able to return to work for at least 5 years, more if any from this litter have cerebral palsy or mental retardation.

Finally, during the interview she mentioned wanting all these kids in order to be loved unconditionally.

NEWS: Our kids don’t love us unconditionally. We love them unconditionally.

Our kids yell and scream that they hate us because we won’t get them a Happy Meal or because we read their text messages; they walk ½ a block behind us because we embarrass them; they roll their eyes when we tell them for the 9567th time to wear a seatbelt.

But one day they mature and realize we did all those things because we love them unconditionally and they get it and realize they love us unconditionally.

If Suleman so desperately needs to be loved unconditionally, she should have adopted a dog or two.


Anonymous said...

"If Suleman so desperately needs to be loved unconditionally, she should have adopted a dog or two."

No way. I am glad she did not choose to adopt any animals, as irresponsible and selfish as she is.

No Animal Left Behind said...

I agree that she is extremely irresponsible & selfish, but 1-2 dogs would give her the love and acceptance she craves and may have prevented 8, 10 or 12 of her extra kids from being born in the first place and thus saving the State of CA the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been spent, and the millions that probably will be spent on her poor choices. From what I’ve heard, the Suleman house was already chaotic before this so I can't imagine what sort of fresh hell she's in for when the litter of eight come home from the hospital.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "litter of eight"

No Animal Left Behind said...

jeez...now Octomom "may be" thinking of writing a book. As if she is going to have time to pee.

My son was born a month after I completed all the classes and seminars for my Ph.D. and we moved to Texas when he was 6 weeks old (for husband’s job). Perfect timing!

I was looking forward to staying home with my baby and writing my dissertation.


There was little time to do much of anything except take care of him. A typical day, Monday - Friday was something like this: nurse, play, change diaper, nurse again, change kitty litter, play, change diaper, spend time with cat (while baby slept), put in stroller to get out for fresh air (baby not cat), give a bath, nurse again.

When he napped, I usually wanted to nap but sometimes I bucked up and watched Oprah.

Many days my husband would come home from work and I’d still be in sweats and a t-shirt. Many days there was no fresh air to go out and get being that I found the heat and humidity oppressive there 10 months a year.

This was ONE baby. And I had a husband who took over in the evenings and did all the weekend diaper changes.

A year later I found a great job at the U of Houston and found him a great day-care center/pre-school. The dissertation never got written and I never had any regrets.

S.B. said...

A real heroine full of truly boundless love would have adopted 14 children. There are good people who have done this, I know of a couple of families in our city who have adopted children from all over the world over the years, who were loved and well-cared for. Of course in Suleman's case she never would have made it past the application process, for obvious reasons.
Those poor children, my heart goes out to them.

Anonymous said...

please don't refer to these babies as "a litter, pets, or anything else". These are babies who had no choice to come into this world the way they did...I feel sorry for the children not the woman who allowed them to grow inside her(sorry can't call her a mother),,there is plenty of couples out there who would gladly rais a child that was "not" theirs..make 14 choices and maybe 14 happy couples.......

Anonymous said...

She is one severly mentally unstable woman...and I hope those children (all 14 of them) are taken away from her as soon as possible. She belongs in a mental institution, long term.